A promising chef looking to branch out on your own and open your own franchise restaurant.

The owner of an existing restaurant who wants to leverage our success and take it to the next level.

An entrepreneur with the perfect property for a successful roadhouse franchise – looking for a way to grow it quickly.

Your Iron Skillet Franchised Restaurant In Ontario

Build your own, distinctive restaurant franchise on our time-tested foundation.

A lot of restaurant franchises in Ontario devote more time to how things look than to how they taste. Costly wall art and trendy touches. Fancy, expensive plates for bland, boring meals. The Iron Skillet is different. We put our focus on big food, big flavour, and the freedom to showcase your own menu, your own style, and your own comfortable atmosphere within our restaurant franchise agreement.

The flexibility to make your Iron Skillet food franchise stand out… the skills to make it succeed

The Iron Skillet has never shied away from food with flavour – that’s what our customers love. You’ll draw on a library of more than 200 standardized customer favourites for your specials board. But we also hope you’ll indulge your own passion and bring your own creations and cultural twists to the menu. Even when it comes to décor, we’ll lend our experience to help you determine the most feasible, cost-effective route to meeting our standards in your own unique way.

Streamline the process. Take the guesswork and growing pains out of opening a restaurant in Ontario or reinvigorating a tired operation.

Your Iron Skillet restaurant franchise comes complete with more than 30 years in-depth experience and insight in how to run a highly successful foodservice operations in Ontario. If there’s a better way to do it, we’ve discovered it. If there’s a smarter way to get there, we’ve sussed it out. And if there’s a way to get you more for less, we’re ready to share it. Launch your food franchise with
  • Training directly from Red Seal Chef Tony and his ace team.
  • The Iron Skillet brand, including artwork, signage designs, customizable menu designs, website templates, advertising artwork, and more.
  • An established presence in one of Southern Ontario’s most active tourist regions.
  • A 157-page operations manual with detailed, practical advice on everything from staffing to maintenance agreements to tips for tax time.
  • A collection of training manuals to build a top-notch team front and back.
  • The buying power that comes from a thriving multi-location food franchise business.
  • Your experienced leadership team on-call whenever you need us.
  • Samples of the latest food and beverages from major suppliers.
  • Regularly updated documents, including POS System Support, Policy and Procedures, Marketing Manual, and Philanthropic Manual.
  • Experienced advice and support to back you every step of the way.

All this under an affordable $40,000 restaurant franchise fee

Iron Skillet Franchise Operations Manual

Iron Skillet Franchise Operations Manual
The Iron Skillet Operations Manual
Your "bible" for running a successful restaurant franchise in Ontario

Packed with practical know-how
  • Hiring – 15 important DOs and 6 absolutely essential DON’Ts you need to know
  • One kitchen equipment secret guaranteed to save you downtime and dollars.
  • Seven pro tips to successful employee reviews.
  • Nine smart ways to get your kitchen cleaner faster.
  • Real-world advice on how to get suppliers lining up to give you free stuff
  • And much, much more.

The Iron Skillet restaurant franchise represents one of the best investment opportunities for franchised restaurants in Ontario today. Great for upcoming chefs, entrepreneurs and existing restaurants to take their business to the next level.