Iron Skillet restaurants to franchise in Ontario FAQ

How do I start my own Iron Skillet restaurant franchise in Ontario?

Fill out the application and speak to Doris and Tony. We’ll get to know you, discuss your goals, and help determine the best route forward.

How much do I need to start?

You’ll need the $35,000 franchise fee, a healthy deposit (which will depend on the restaurant build-out or conversion) and operating capital. We can give you a better idea as we discuss your location and plans. The Iron Skillet is a low cost franchise in Ontario compared to the larger franchise restaurants.

How do I get the financing?

You can pre-qualify at your bank or speak to us about the bank we recommend.

When can I see operations?

You can view our existing operations, front and back, by setting up an appointment. We’ll be happy to show you the restaurants and answer your questions.

When can I be open?

Depending on the town and operations, you can be open in as little as two months, or it may take a little longer if it is a new build.

Why would I want an Iron Skillet?

A small-scale business setting gives young entrepreneurs, new citizens to Ontario, and committed chefs an opportunity to showcase what they know, in an operation that’s structured for success. We will work with you in a setting of your choice and provide you a solid understanding of what we’ve learned along the way – without the huge cost of a large franchise. If you are considering opening a restaurant in Ontario, The Iron Skillet is one of the easiest food franchises to open.