Meet your Iron Skillet restaurant franchise leadership team

Tony and Doris Sensenberger, The Iron Skillet Restaurant Franchisors

Tony and Doris Sensenberger, The Iron Skillet Restaurant Franchisors

Doris and Tony Sensenberger — Supporting you from launch to growth

Before opening Tony’s Iron Skillet in 1991, Tony Sensenberger had spent years in the kitchens of some of Canada’s most notable restaurants, including the Four Seasons Inn on the Park, Toronto and the Four Seasons Vancouver. He’d also overseen the cuisine at more humble, but hopping, kitchens in the Georgian Bay area, including the Alphorn Restaurant, Mylar and Loretta’s, Cindy-Anne’s Country Kitchen and RU Ready’s.

Tony creates real, hearty, down-home food with an attention to detail and variety you’d demand from an upscale establishment. And he provides hands-on, one-on-one training with all new franchisees.

Never one to rest on his skillet, Tony also worked for major construction firms in the region, sharpening skills he brings to kitchen design and equipment management.

Alongside years of corporate and non-profit experience, Doris Sensenberger has run the day-to-day management of The Iron Skillet since it opened its doors more than 30 years ago. There’s not a situation Doris hasn’t dealt with, and she shares practical know-how on the techniques she uses to successfully keep costs low, customers happy, employees inspired, and everything running to perfection.